When: TBD
Time: TBD
Where: Microsoft Store, Yorkdale Mall
PowerPoint 2013: Fundamentals
The Fundamentals of PowerPoint 2013 Workshop introduces new users and users who are upgrading to the features and functions of PowerPoint 2013. This course will cover the basics of presentation design, adding and aligning shapes, creating new shapes and adding pizazz to presentations with animations and slide transitions. Learn great new options for presenting and sharing online.
PowerPoint 2013: Create Powerful Presentations by Adding Visual Elements
No more boring presentations with slide after slide of bullet points. Learn how to add images, diagrams, videos, and animations to PowerPoint presentations. Want a great way to display your photos? Use PowerPoint to create photo albums and create visual effects to add interest.
PowerPoint 2013: Design Effective Presentations
Present with confidence by using the new PowerPoint Presenter mode to control displays behind the scenes. Use the new Present Online feature to display PowerPoint presentations over the internet even if the viewers do not have PowerPoint. Use master sides for a consistent look throughout the presentation.