When: Wednesday February 25, 2015
Time: 6:00pm – 9:30pm
Where: 25 Sheppard Ave. W. Ste.300, Toronto, ON M2N 6M6

Networking events can be nerve racking. How do I introduce myself? Is the other person engaged in this conversation? Am I standing funny? There comes a time when we need to challenge ourselves, and step outside of our comfort zones. Join us in a session where we explore how to network to land your dream job, share tips on how to make meaningful connections, and build authenticity, confidence & inner power.

6:30-6:45pm – Introduction
6:45-7:45pm – Networking mindset, commmunicating YOU, and building self-conidence & inner power
7:45-8:00pm – Speed networking break – empower your network with SIPO
8:00-9:00pm – Networking outside of your comfort zone, networking tools and the art of follow up
9:00-9:30pm – Networking break and conclusion

About Anita Wing Lee
Anita Wing Lee is a Transformational Coach, Award-Winning Speaker and Networking Mentor who guides ambitious millennials & aspiring changemakers to get clarity on their passion and become brilliant, fearless leaders in their careers and lives. Anita landed multiple, epic, paid, travel internships in university, travelling to 21 countries by the time she graduated. Within a few short months after university, Anita in launched her dream business and is now committed to showing others how to create Freedom Careers, getting paid to do what they believe in and love. She accomplished this by mastering the art of networking powerfully and authentically and knows that this is the secret skill to turning your passion into your career.

She is the founder of Passion: Possible, A mentorship and coaching program for the New Generation of Millennial Trailblazers and Changemakers. Anita is dedicated to uplifting and empowering people who feel stuck and lost in their current position in life, empower them to live their passion unpologetically and guide them to become the global leaders they were meant to be.

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